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Summer hiatus fic meme!

So I, like many others, am very sad that many of my favorite shows have ended for the season. To remedy this, I've decided to host a summer hiatus fic meme!


- Post prompts; fill prompts. Only one prompt per comment, please.

- The show you are prompting about does not necessarily need to be on hiatus - this meme is simply to get us all writing during the summer! =] (For example, the new Leverage season starts soon, but you can still post Leverage prompts).

- Anything goes, including RPF.

- Any rating goes, from G to mature.

- Regular and spoiler warnings are appreciated. PLEASE be considerate.

- Reply to prompts in this post. There's no limit to the number of responses per prompt, and feel free to respond to your own prompt.

- The character limit is 4300 characters. If your response is longer than that, feel free to make a separate post in your journal (or elsewhere) and link it here.

- Please, please leave feedback! Everyone loves comments and it's really encouraging for writers. We want people to write as much as possible! =D

- If you have any questions please leave a comment on my personal journal (madeelly) or pm me.

- HAVE FUN! And play nice. ;)


Tags: #fic meme
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